Family Coaching Study

Telephone Coaching of Intimate Partners/

Spouses of Veterans with PTSD

This remote study can help you encourage your loved one to get the treatment they need and deserve, through a telephone coaching program.

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Telephone Coaching of Intimate Partners/Spouses of Veterans with PTSD

Does your spouse or partner need help for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?


Is your loved one a U.S.

military Veteran?


Are you having a hard time convincing them to get help?


Benefits of the Study

If you join this study, we’ll provide you with access to brief telephone coaching (support and advice) to help you effectively encourage your loved one to start treatment for their PTSD.

If the study is not a good fit, you can consult the website for Coaching Into Care for information on how to help you help your loved one seek treatment.

If you are eligible and you join the study, you will

be compensated up to $170 for your time.

Requirements to Complete the Study

Completing an online eligibility screener to see if you are a good fit for the study.

Completing an online Informed Consent and the initial online assessment. You will be asked to verify your information with a study team member by phone.

Speaking with a telephone coach over the next 2-3 months, to help you learn how to effectively talk with your loved one about getting treatment.




Possibly using our study website, which provides brief lessons for how to best care for yourself and help your loved one get treatment.

Completing two follow-up online assessments and possibly a telephone interview.



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Who Can Participate?

Intimate Partners of Spouses of Military Veterans who:

Are with a Veteran who has symptoms of PTSD

Are with a Veteran who is not currently receiving mental health treatment

Have daily contact with a Veteran and live with or within 30 minutes of them

Have questions or want to see if you are eligible?

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Who We Are

Eric Kuhn, Ph.D

Research Psychologist

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Steven Sayers, Ph.D

Research Psychologist

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This study is conducted in partnership with Stanford University.

For questions about study participants rights, contact 1-866-680-2906